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cMestre Rodrigo started getting into sport at an early age. He started Swimming at the age of 3 and developed a passion for sport and fitness from then on. Throughout his life he has trained in a wide variety of sports, playing most of the things that kids love: Football, Prof. Rodrigo, RJ Association of Capoeira Engenho da Rainha LondonBasketball, Skateboarding, playing the Guitar, Surfing... You might see him on the Cornish beaches!

cMestre Rodrigo is from Meier in Rio de Janeiro he was born in 1975. In 1989 he started training Capoeira in Meier, at Sport Club Mackenzie.

One day cMestre Rodrigo decided to go to the Sport Club to have a look in some of the Martial Arts that were held at the club but not with Capoeira in mind!

That evening wasn't the evening for the Martial Art he was looking for, it was the evening for Capoeira.
He stood outside the Aerobic Studio carefully watching the "funny, strange, fast, tricky and highly acrobatic movements". Than he asked to try the class which he was welcomed into by this old funny guy. It was like Magic, and since that day he has never stopped training Capoeira.

"There is something about Capoeira which is inexplicable,
Capoeira becomes a vicious, an addiction,
Capoeira becomes part of your life.
We become slaves, slaves of Capoeira". cMestre Rodrigo

Today C.Mestre Rodrigo lives in Cornwall England. He lived in London for over 10yrs. He is a highly qualified Personal Trainer, working both privately and in gyms, and of course teaching Capoeira regularly in a variety of venues.

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