The following is just a very brief introduction. If you really want to learn or know more about Capoeira, I would suggest you join ACER Capoeira. or any other school of Capoeira.

Capoeira, a fight, a dance? Definitely a combination of many skills! Capoeirista has Agility, Flexibility, Strength, Speed, Capoeirista is a Singer, a Musician, Capoeirista is an Actor a Martial Artist.
Capoeira, an unique Martial Art a Brazilian Art, born of oppression and slavery 400 year ago. As the slaves became aware that their conditions were irreversible, that they were intended to be an involuntary work force forever, they began to run away to the mountains where the palm trees were in abundance and they could hide.
An African community was born and the place was named Palmares.
In this community rival tribes joined forces teaching each other their Religion, Dance, Rituals, Games etc.
The result of this rich cultural fusion was the birth of the earliest forms of Capoeira.
Even the very experienced and well armed soldiers, the “Slave Hunters”, were unable to capture them. Capoeira was the key element for the slaves, a system of fighting with very FAST AND TRICKY movements the slaves caused considerable damage to the white man.


People all the World practice Capoeira these days, some for Self-Defence, others to Get Fit, Relieve Stress, Lose Weight, Improve Flexibility, Core Stability, Agility and Strength.

There is nothing in the world like Capoeira!

Capoeira Blends:
Self-Defence, Acrobatics, Music and Dance

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